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Becoming a member of the Central Pennsylvania Conservancy is easy!

 Here is how you can become a member today:

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CPC Membership

Why Become a Member?

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Central Pennsylvania Conservancy.  Not only will your contributions directly help to protect Central Pennsylvania woods, water, wildlife, and farmland, you will also receive these additional benefits with just one donation:

1. A Subscription to the CPC Quarterly E-News

2. An Invitation to CPC's Biennial Conservationist of the Year Event

3. An Invitation to CPC's Biennial Fall Fundraiser at the Mansion

4. An Invitation to Our Annual Membership Meeting 

5. The Opportunity to Become Directly Involved in CPC's Conservation Efforts 


What Kind of Member Can I Be?

$20     Donation: Individual

$35     Donation: Family

$50     Donation: Supporting

$100   Donation: Sustaining

$250   Donation: Patron

$500   Donation: Benefactor

$1000 Donation: Guardian

$1000 Donation: Corporate Partner 

Still On the Verge of Joining?  Here is More Information Our Mission:

Protect what we love:

What part of Pennsylvania enchants you? Is it the shades of autumn on soft, rolling landscapes or a snow-laden forest of trees glistening in the wintry sun? Do you thrill at the sight of spring, reveling in the rebirth and renewal? Can you feel the warmth of summer surround you as you stretch your muscles along the Kittatinny Ridge? We love Pennsylvania in all of her seasons.

The Conservancy has worked for over 30 years to protect Pennsylvania landscapes. Though we have permanently protected over 5,500 acres of land, we know that many of our region’s most valuable natural sites will be lost. Therefore, the Conservancy must work quickly to conserve important areas while it still can. With your help, we can make a difference. Please join us in protecting the memory of those who have gone before by conserving our heritage for those who will come. We can do it, if we do it together.

Working to protect the places you love:

At the Conservancy, we now manage and operate a regional cultural treasure, the Ironmaster’s Mansion at Pine Grove Furnace State Park. We host Appalachian thru-hikers in the 28-bed hostel, offer environmental education programming and fundraising events, and serve as a popular group rental facility for weddings, youth organizations, meetings, and retreats. Please help us continue to steward this valuable historic resource for the community. All Conservancy members receive quarterly e-newsletter that provides volunteer opportunities on a regular basis, as well as updates on happenings at the Mansion, key land protection victories, and notices on special events and issues important to the conservation community. Members have an opportunity to volunteer and attend special vents such as the “Conservationist of the Year” reception.

Landscape-level conservation:

Because the land is such an important part of us, the CPC must consider every aspect of it, including its role in the quality of life, and the ecosystems that support our environment. Rather than look at Pennsylvania through a microscope, we prefer a panoramic view of its vital landscapes; hence the name, landscape-level conservation. There is vital need for conservation on this scale. Out current conservation priority areas include:

  • The Kittatinny Ridge/Blue Mountain area and the South Mountain Landscape.
  • Coldwater limestone streams and buffers which provide critical habitat and protect water resources.
  • Farms with exceptional soils, landscapes, and agricultural values which can be lost to development.
  • Engaging with local governments and partnering with our region’s conservation organizations.

Please join us today to insure that Central Pennsylvania’s superb view sheds, wildlife corridors, magnificent trout streams, and rich farmlands will endure forever.

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