Planned Giving


Endowments form a long-term foundation for stewardship efforts as well as acquisition opportunities. The Central Pennsylvania Conservancy invests the initial endowed gift and only the income is spent. A variety of opportunities exist for establishing endowments as well as for naming opportunities that coincide with your interests. Endowed funds are held in perpetuity, which means they will be invested to sustain CPC’s efforts across generations. Under current guidelines, a fund must total $10,000 or more before it can be an endowment. Pledges may be made so long as they are fulfilled within a five-year period. Donors may add to the fund at any time and may restrict the purpose of the gift. Unrestricted gifts will be used where the need is greatest at the Central Pennsylvania Conservancy. Your final choice depends upon your personal priorities, financial status and charitable goals. 

CPC places the endowed funds into a professionally managed long-term investment portfolio. Approximately 5% of the fund's market value is available each year for support of the fund's designated purpose. The market value of each fund increases along with the growth in value of the total portfolio. The donor who makes an endowed gift today may be confident that the gift will grow and continue to support its intended purpose far into the future.

Cliff Jones Stewardship Quasi-Endowment 

Central Pennsylvania Conservancy is proud to announce the creation of the Cliff Jones Stewardship Quasi-Endowment.

Cliff Jones’ visionary lifestyle and career impacted and strengthened the economic prosperity and conservation efforts for all of us in Pennsylvania. He was an exemplary public servant with a strong leadership legacy. He served six governors and held cabinet secretary positions at the Department of Environmental Resources, the Department of Commerce, and Department of Labor and Industry. He then chaired the Public Utility Commission, and served as president of the Chamber of Business and Industry. He felt that wildlife preservation was critical, and particular, preservation of imperiled bird species. Birds were Cliff’s passion and over the course of his life, he traveled to 55 countries and 7 continents.  His bird list totaled 700 North American birds and 3,800 global species. By establishing this endowment, CPC seeks to keep Cliff's legacy current and inspire others to lead to advance conservation in Pennsylvania.

Stewardship is the careful and responsible management of resources entrusted to one. CPC has a legal obligation to steward its conservation easement and preserve properties in perpetuity and must plan for a sustainable funding stream to support its stewardship work. We strive to implement best management practices for our easements and fee properties that include riparian buffers, steep slopes, recreational resources with public access, forest resources, and special habitat areas. CPC created the Cliff Jones Stewardship Endowment to address this need today and for future generations.

The economic vitality of this region is dependent upon a healthy environment. Your help and support is needed. Be a part of the visionary conservation work by making a gift or pledge to the Cliff Jones Stewardship Quasi-Endowment. Your gift is 100% tax deductible and 100% of it will be used right here in the central Pennsylvania region. The quasi-endowment is a board-designated fund that was established by a Resolution of the Board of Directors, and intended to direct an annual payout for CPC's annual monitoring and stewardship of conservation easement and fee properties, as well as for enforcement of legal defense of these properties if the need arises.

Please contact CPC’s Executive Director, Anna Yelk, at (717) 241-4360, to discuss planned giving options for the Cliff Jones Stewardship Endowment.

Gift Annuities

Charitable Gift Annuities: Gifts that Give Back 

Charitable gift annuities are a wonderful way to make a meaningful gift to Central Pennsylvania Conservancy now, while receiving a guaranteed income stream and terrific tax benefits. The following information tells how charitable annuities work and how both you and Central Pennsylvania Conservancy can benefit from them.

What is a Charitable Gift Annuity?

A Charitable Gift Annuity is an agreement between you and Central Pennsylvania Conservancy whereby CPC pays you and your spouse a fixed annuity payment for life in exchange for your gift of cash or marketable securities. Your payment is based on your age at the time you make your gift. Central Pennsylvania Conservancy's minimum to establish a charitable gift annuity is $10,000.

What are the Tax Benefits?

Charitable tax deduction: You are entitled to a charitable income tax deduction for a portion of your gift in the year you establish your gift annuity.

Tax-free Income: A portion of your annuity may be tax-free for a period of time, further boosting your income.

Capital Gains Tax Reduction

If you fund your annuity with long-term appreciated securities, you can significantly reduce the amount of capital gains tax that would otherwise be imposed if you sold the securities.

How are the Annuity Payments and Charitable Tax Deductions Determined?

Central Pennsylvania Conservancy follows the rate schedule established by the American Council on Gift Annuities. The amount of your gift and the number of annuitants affect the charitable deduction and annuity amount. Age also is a factor: the older you are when you make the gift, the higher the deduction and annual rate of return. We recommend establishing a charitable gift annuity after you reach age 60.

Charitable Trusts

Charitable Trusts: Build Your Own Charitable Portfolio 

Build your own charitable portfolio and Central Pennsylvania Conservancy's future. Charitable trusts are a most flexible way to establish a gift for Central Pennsylvania Conservancy's future, while generating income for the financial security of your family and yourself. Depending on the type of trust, you may fund it with cash, appreciated securities, real estate, retirement plan assets or even tangible personal property. Establishing a trust, during your lifetime or through your estate, will generate a stream of income for you and/or loved ones, save taxes and ultimately provide key support for land acquisition, stewardship and outreach programs at Central Pennsylvania Conservancy. Two of the most common types of trust are the Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT) and the Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT).

Who Will Manage My Trust?

For either of the individually managed trusts described above, a trustee, or co-trustees, responsible for investment, trust administration and tax reporting must be named by the donor. Donors may name themselves, another person, financial institution of their choice, or name The Central Pennsylvania Conservancy to serve as trustee.

Gift of Real Estate

Real estate: A sensible choice for funding a gift to Central Pennsylvania Conservancy

Real estate is an excellent choice for funding a charitable gift to Central Pennsylvania Conservancy. A personal residence, farm or investment property can be used to make a charitable gift. Such a gift may provide you with an income tax charitable deduction, estate tax savings and a reduction or elimination of capital gains tax.

Why use real estate to make a charitable gift?

Significant appreciation in the value of real estate may expose you to large capital gains tax. Using real estate to make a charitable gift can reduce or eliminate capital gains tax liability.

Often the high carrying costs and responsibilities associated with property ownership, such as real estate taxes and maintenance, become burdensome.

The illiquid nature of real estate can pose serious challenges when it comes time to sell the property. Often a seller will not realize the full value of real estate if it needs to be sold quickly. This is why it may be advisable to fund a charitable gift with real estate and retain liquid assets in case you or your estate needs access to the funds immediately.

Note: It is necessary to obtain a real estate appraisal to determine the fair-market value of real estate.

Making an outright gift of real estate

Making an outright gift of real estate provides significant tax benefits. First, you will not recognize capital gains on the property. Second, you may deduct the full fair-market value of the property, up to 30% of your adjusted gross income in the year of the gift. Any amount in excess of the 30% limitation may be carried over for five years. These benefits mean that the actual cost of such a gift may be much less than that of a cash gift.

Making a bequest of real estate

You may choose to give real estate to Central Pennsylvania Conservancy as a bequest in your Last Will and Testament. This will reduce your estate tax liability because the fair market value of the bequest is fully deductible for estate tax purposes. However, this will not afford you any tax benefits now.

Making a gift of a remainder interest in real estate

If you would like to use your personal residence to make a charitable gift to Central Pennsylvania Conservancy, but still live in it, you can transfer the property to Central Pennsylvania Conservancy while retaining a right of possession. You will immediately realize an income tax deduction for the present value of the remainder interest, and you can continue living in the home as long as you wish. However, you continue to pay real estate taxes and maintenance on the property so long as you retain possession. Note: personal residences and farms are the only real estate you can transfer while retaining possession. All other types of real estate must be transferred using a qualifying trust.

Making a gift of a partial interest in real estate

If you would like to fund a gift to Central Pennsylvania Conservancy with real estate, but the value of the gift you are contemplating is .less than the fair-market value of the real estate, you may wish to give a fractional interest in the real estate. While an income tax charitable deduction is generally not permitted for an outright gift of a partial interest in real estate, there is an exception to this rule when the gift represents an undivided fractional interest.

Making a gift of real estate and generating a stream of income

If you would like to use real estate to fund a gift to Central Pennsylvania Conservancy while retaining a stream of income, you can use the real estate to fund a charitable remainder trust. This will enable you to receive payments for life or for a specified term (not to exceed twenty years). At the time the gift is made you will receive a charitable deduction for the value of the remainder interest in the real estate. This type of gift will enable you to receive an immediate income tax deduction, based on the full fair-market value of the property, the ages of the beneficiaries, and the rate of return. Note, in certain circumstances, income may begin immediately if property that generates income is also contributed. Finally, if you choose to fund your charitable remainder trust with real estate, the property must be unencumbered.

Tribute Gift

Honor the memory of a loved one or mark a special occasion with a gift to the Central Pennsylvania Conservancy. Contributions to our tribute program acknowledge a special person or occasion. Memorial donations keep the memory of a loved one alive by enabling us to continue our work to preserve the special places in Central Pennsylvania that we all value.

Matching Gifts

Many companies, from large to small, local to national, have matching gift programs. When you make a gift, please check with your personnel office to see if your company has a matching gifts program. Get the matching gift form and follow the directions for matching, doubling or even tripling your gift.