CPC Conservation Priorities

Forested Mountain Ridges

  • Kittatinny Ridge and South Mountain Conservation Landscape Initiative
  • Appalachian/Darlington/Tuscarora Trails
  • State Game Lands/State Forests/State Parks

Water Resource Protection

  • High quality streams, springs, headwaters, and forested riparian buffers
  • Limestone and coldwater streams
  • Large tracts of land that have riparian frontage

Agricultural Protection

  • Soil resources, water resources, scenic quality, and location in relation to other protected lands

The places we protect often preserve or realize several of the below characteristics:

  • Green spaces near urban areas
  • Priority conservation areas for plant and animal species
  • Forests and forestry
  • Working farms and sustainable agriculture
  • Community character and scenic views
  • Karst resources and caves
  • Public access for outdoor recreation
  • Coldwater resources and access for anglers
  • Trails like the Appalachian Trail and Tuscarora
  • Landscapes adjacent to protected properties
  • Historical and archaeological resources
  • Environmentally sensitive or rare areas like wetlands, streams, barrens, vernal pools, caves
  • Family legacies
  • Parks, preserves, and nature centers

The conservation tools we employ include:

  • Donations of land and conservation easements
  • Bargain sales of land and easements
  • Fair market purchase of land and easements

CPC accepts donations of conservation easement for properties which meet our objectives to preserve and steward places in their natural condition for the benefit of human and ecological communities and in the advancement of our regional landscape. Frequently, we have arranged purchases or easements at a bargain sale price or market value for high priority properties. Most of CPC’s acquisition projects resulted in the transfer to qualified state agencies, including DCNR, which oversees state forests and parks, the PA Game Commission, which manages Game Lands, or the PFBC, PA Fish and Boat Commission.