Land Protection Committee

CPC’s Land Protection Committee (LPC) develops strategies, targets properties, reviews proposals, evaluates and prioritizes all potential properties - acquisitions and easement—for proposal to the CPC Board of Directors. A Stewardship Committee is being formed to focus on the long term care and stewardship of already protected properties, including, the development and enforcement of a stewardship policy and procedure; management plans on fee-owned properties; oversight of monitoring and easement compliance; oversight of legal enforcement action as needed; and ensuring that stewardship practices are in concert with national standards and practices.

Current members of the LPC include:

CPC Staff Lead: Benjamin Mummert, Director of Land Protection and Stewardship 

Chairperson: Ken Okorn, retired DEP

John Carroll, Partner, Pepper Hamilton LLP

Sean Cully, Contractor and Perry County landowner/conservationist

Lauri Danko, Professional Wetlands Scientist and Master Gardener

Carl Goshorn, Director, Cumberland County Conservation District

Gene Odato, Retired District Forester, Tuscarora State Forest

Stephanie Williams, Planning Manager, Cumberland County Planning Department

Anna Yelk, Executive Director, Central PA Conservancy