Landowner Expense

There are various transaction costs associated with putting a conservation easement on a property, some of which are shared by the Conservancy. These expenses include costs of a survey and appraisal (may or may not be required), a stewardship endowment contribution to help the CPC offset future monitoring and stewardship expenses, and accountant and attorney fees.  The CPC typically covers costs involved in developing the required baseline documentation report to record the existing natural resources and human activity on the property, the easement negotiation and drafting process, and title search.   

Landowners Expense

  • Survey: If a good survey exists, these costs will be minimal. The property boundaries must be clearly marked. A survey or legal description of the building envelope is also often required.
  • Appraisal: An appraisal is required if a landowner intends to pursue income tax benefits for the donation value of the conservation easement.
  • Stewardship Endowment Contribution: Amount depends on difficulty of monitoring and size
  • Attorney or accountant fees

CPC Expense

  • Title search
  • Staff costs to complete a site evaluation report and project selection criteria form
  • Staff costs to develop a baseline documentation report
  • Staff costs to negotiate and draft the conservation easement document
  • Fees for legal review and recording of the easement